April 30, 2012

You'll Find a Way

I love this quote I found a while back.  It's just so honest and to the point.  Don't you agree? 

I find that this can be true in all areas of your life.  Think about it.  Work, exercise, your time commitments and how you treat your relationships-it's all about what you are or aren't willing (or wanting) to do. 
So remember, you'll always do something you really want to do.  That's the easy part.  The other times you'll either make an excuse or you'll give it a try anyway.  If you do decide to go for it, try and make the best out of it.  You might be glad you did!


  1. great quote! and no BOX around the signature, yay! :D

  2. Thanks Liz! I stayed up way too late trying to make it work!


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