May 3, 2013

Day 3 - Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

Day Three of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge and today is all about
Things That Make Me Uncomfortable.  
This one will be a little easier for me.  Thank goodness because I'm exhausted! 
  • People That Don't Recycle  How hard is it to put some paper or a plastic container in the recycle bin?  Geesh!
  • Items That are Touched by People Multiple Times a Day (door knobs, stair railings,  etc).  Where is my hand sanitizer?!
  • Awkward Silence  I never know what to say.
  • Large Groups  I'm really not good in them.  I think I start to feel lost.
  • Confrontation With People Even though I'm not afraid to speak my mind my inside's will turn into knots when I have to deal with or discuss serious items with people. 
  • Having to Go to the Hospital
  • Lip Smacking or Loud Chewing.  Ugh...I cringe just thinking about it.

Come back tomorrow for Favorite Quote and Why You love It

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