April 23, 2012

Buffett Culture

Those of you that follow me on Facebook know that the hubs and I are HUGE Parrotheads.  It's no secret we spend a lot of time and money following Jimmy around.

The Hubs and Our Buffett Map/Scoreboard
Last year we (OK, the hubs) made this map that shows everywhere we have been thus far.  As you can see he has been to over 40 shows and counting (44 as of this post).  I have now been to 18.  The blue represents everywhere AP has been while the pink shows all the spots we have gone to together.   

West Palm Beach, FL - 2011
People always ask us why do we go to see Jimmy so much?  "Aren't the shows all the same?"  Well, not really.  Yes, he plays a lot of the same songs (If he doesn't there would be unrest amongst the crowd) but every show is different because of the people you meet and the memories you make.  It.Is.So.Much.Fun!

It is a total escape from reality.  It's a time to let loose and relax.  You'll meet all kinds of people at a Buffett show.  From the average guy in his Hawaiian shirt to the girl who is wearing nothing but body paint and is offering you a special concoction out of her frozen drink maker.

Pittsburgh, PA - August 2011
Tickets for the next show have been purchased already.  Charlotte, NC won't know what hit them on June 7.  We were able to get third row!  This will be the closest I have ever sat to Jimmy.  I might not know what to do with myself either.  This will be #19 for me and #45 for the hubs.  Oh, did I mention that this show is the day after we get back from Key West?  Wow!  What a week that is going to be. 

So, yes, we're obsessed.  We love the Parrothead culture and Jimmy's zest for life.  We're happy to let him "spend our money foolishly." 

Stop by and see us at the next show.  We make a mean key lime coloada.  - FINZ UP!


  1. your blog is so flippin great!! so proud of my friend! happy pictures and great stories..is really all it takes! your attention to detail really shows in the theme and layout...it's definitely YOU! :D

    1. Thank you Liz! I couldn't have done it without your encouragement and your help. It's still needs a little Lovely Life of Liz touches but it's getting there!
      Very fun!


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