April 21, 2012

Paradise Calling

I'm counting down the days until we hop a plane to our beloved Key West, FL.  It's a place we now escape to at least once a year, if not more.  The hubs and I were married there so it holds a special place in our heart.

Married in Paradise - September 2003
I remember our first date like it was yesterday.  We talked about many topics that night but sharing our vivid tales and stories of our own trips to the Keys and Key West is what bonded us almost immediately.  You could almost say it was "love for the Keys at first sight." 

I tell people that it's a place you'll either love or hate.  There is no in between with this tropical paradise.  It sinks into your soul and it can break your heart when you have to leave it behind. 

Another beautiful sunset
It's really one of the only places people go to actually "celebrate" the sunset.  What a great concept!  Why don't we do that more often? 

As you get to know me you'll learn that I LOVE being on the water.  I can't get enough of it.  The hubs usually has to wait until dark and then he'll have to drag me out to the shore kicking and screaming. 

In the end, the Keys is just a relaxing and peaceful place for us.  It's not fancy.  You'll meet and see some very interesting people (I like to call them Crusty Keys people).  But it's AWESOME and I can't wait until we return.  One day I hope to be a Crusty Keys person too!

This year we're going to stay at this very cute and cozy private cottage. 
I'm very excited and I'm going to get too spoiled for our next visit.

Cozy Keys Cottage
People tell me that I should be a travel agent for the Keys.  I love to tell people where to go, what to do and what to see.  I like sending people off the beaten path of the Duval Crawl.  Trust me, there are many other places to crawl off of Duval too!  If you need some inside tips for your next trip be sure to give me a shout.  I would love to help you out.

One of our favorite Key West hang-outs
In the meantime, I'll be dreaming of sunsets, Key Lime coladas, lunch at B.O's Fish Wagon, swimming with colorful fish and just relaxing poolside with the hubs in our own private tropical retreat. 

It's been a stressful year already and in exactly six weeks we'll be more then ready to grab the carry-on and jaunt off to one of our own personal sanctuaries.  I hope you can get down there soon too!  I know you won't regret it.

Always remember:  If you lose yourself, you'll find the keys to paradise.  - Zac Brown Band

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